List of publicly known patent applications can be found at: Justia. List of granted patents:
CountYearPatent NumberPatent Title
9.202311775572Directed acyclic graph based framework for training models.
8.202311657797Routing for Chatbots.
7.202311651768Stop word data augmentation for natural language processing.
6.202311625620Techniques for building a knowledge graph in limited knowledge domains.
5.202311551135Techniques for generating a Hierarchical model to identify a class among a plurality of classes.
4.202211416777Utterance Quality Estimation.
3.202111206229Directed acyclic graph based framework for training models.
2.202010824962Utterance Quality Estimation.
1.202010733538Techniques For Querying A Hierarchical Model To Identify A Class From Multiple Classes.

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